The truth about AIDS

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Can Mosquitoes Transmit AIDS?

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Information in this booklet reveals that:

  The HIV virus survives for 48 hours in a mosquito and for 72 hours in a bedbug.

  Experiments have shown that AIDS can be transmitted by mosquitoes.

  This 43 page booklet entitled "Do Insects Transmit AIDS", initially published by the U.S. Congress, is now available only through Rockford Press.


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Frequently Asked Questions About AIDS

Ask Lorraine Day, M.D.

Q. How long does the AIDS virus survive outside the body?

A. The AIDS virus can survive outside the body alive and infective in body fluids for 7 days if dry and for 14 days if wet. Lancet, Sept. 28, 1985, pg. 721.

Q. Can AIDS be transmitted by contact sports?

A. It already has been. A 25 year old Italian soccer player contracted AIDS after a bleeding injury caused by a collision with another player (who was already infected) during a soccer game. Lancet, May 5, 1990, pg. 1105. The government admits that ANY blood to blood contact CAN transmit AIDS, and blood to blood contact frequently occurs in contact sports.

Q. Why hasn't the government been able to control the AIDS epidemic?

A. Successful control of any epidemic requires the use of established Public Health principles, namely widespread testing of those at risk for the particular disease and protection of the uninfected. In the case of AIDS, the government and organized medicine have decided to disregard all established public health principles for controlling an epidemic. Instead AIDS is being handled as a political issue rather than a public health issue. In this disease, the government has chosen to protect the infected and abandon the uninfected.

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