Contacting Dr. Day

REMEMBER: I will not answer any questions that are already covered in my published health materials available on my DVDs/videos, CDs/audios, and in my books on this site. Those answers are already available to you in those materials. Also, please read all the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) with my answers that are posted here on my website. Your particular question may have already been answered there.

Nor will I answer questions that are already answered in the published articles in the Political, Spiritual and Health sections at my other website, You can read those on that website.

I receive a very large number of e-mail questions and I will try to answer them directly by e-mail as I have time.

Some of the questions, with my answers, will be posted on my website in the FAQ section, but all names, e-mail addresses, and other identifiers will be completely removed to safeguard your privacy.

And remember, it would be impossible and inappropriate for me to be your personal doctor by long distance. ALL the information one needs to get well is in my available materials.

With the understanding of the above information, if you would like to ask me a question, send and email to I, personally, answer all the medical and health questions.

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