Double Blind
What Science Can't See

By Lorraine Day, M.D.

Science has become the god of our civilization. If a person with cancer or any other illness is investigating different methods of treatment, he or she yearns to rely on the "best" and newest scientific information.

But how is this data derived? Does our system of medical education result in accurate information that a person can depend on for his or her very life?



In this DVD, Dr. Day reveals:

 Shocking new information on the cancer-causing effects of supplemental vitamin C and other vitamin supplements

 Why the highest system of medical education in the world, the U.S. system, will NEVER find a cure for ANY disease

 Why double blind studies, the "gold standard" in medical research, lead to ignorance

 How doctors are becoming "Agents of Death"

 How radiation of breast cancer increases your risk of dying from heart disease

 Why true science is always simple and easily understood

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