Was Jesus Really Resurrected on Sunday?


Jesus, Himself, said He would be in the "heart of the earth 3 days AND 3 nights." Clearly, Jesus WASN'T in the tomb 3 nights, nor even a part of a third night. So what does this mean? Does "heart of the earth" actually mean "grave"?
When Jesus was speaking regarding His death and resurrection, He gave the "Sign of Jonah". That's the "ONE and ONLY sign" He gave, so it must be very important. But what is its meaning?
The Greek word "Sabbaton" which appears 68 times in the New Testament, is translated "Sabbath" (meaning the Seventh-day Sabbath) 59 times. Yet the exact same word (and phrase) is translated "first day of the week" 9 out of 68 times. Why would the translators arbitrarily make this change?
Why does it make a difference on which day of the week Jesus was resurrected?



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