There are estimates that between 140 and 370 million Christians engageinspeaking in tongues worldwide. If there are 1.8 billion Christians, thenbetween 7.7% and 20.5% of all Christians engage in this activity.

Questions that arise:

From where does "speaking in tongues" originate?
Do all Christians need to "speak in tongues"?
Does "speaking in tongues" lead to a closer walk with Christ?
Are New Testament "speaking in tongues" and modern "glossolalia" identical or is there a radical difference between them?
Is glossolalia (speaking in tongues) a manifestation that one has received the Holy Spirit and a fulfillment of the Latter Rain promised in Joel 2:28-29?
What are the results of the investigations done by linguists of various specialties concerning the similarities or differences between Christian "speaking in tongues" and pagan " speaking in tongues"?

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