How Do I Know if I'm Converted?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

1)  Jesus has become the center of my life.  I look to Him, rather than to my husband, wife, children, friends, doctors, ministers, or others, for the answers to my problems.

2) I WANT to spend time with Him EVERY DAY in Bible study and prayer

3)  I seek out and enjoy studying the Bible with others who are also looking for truth.

4)  I will never say, "Is this information necessary for my salvation?" because I will want to know EVERYTHING I can about Jesus. "To KNOW God is life eternal." John 17:3

5) The salvation of all the other people in the world will be as important to me as my own.

6) I would be a Christian even if there were no eternal life or hell.

7)  I realize that the major issue in life is not MY salvation, but the issue is God's reputation and character.  Am I representing HIM properly?

8)  I will delight in keeping God's commandments, not because of any possible punishment or reward, but because I love Jesus, and I know that His ways are always right.  Jesus said, "If you love Me, keep my commandments." John 14:15

9)  I will give up my right to myself and give it over to God, letting Him make all my decisions for me instead of revering the "wisdom" of man, because Jesus owns me. He bought me with a price - His death on the Cross.

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