Getting Started on Getting Well

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is a Glass?

For Those Recently Diagnosed with Cancer

Don’t Be Afraid!

Can I Rebuild my Immune System if I have Already had Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Should I Use Supplements?

Not Just a Diet!

Will I Gain Weight?

NO “Quick Fix!”

Reasons for Failure!

For Those With Other Specific Diseases

Organ Transplant Recipients

Fluid Restriction

Diabetes Type II

Mom Got Well! So Can You!

Is Freshly Made Wheatgrass Juice an Acceptable Alternative for Green Leafy Vegetable Juice?

How About Double Blind Studies?

What about Portions for Children?


My Doctor has Prescribed a Blood Thinner Drug for ME and Tells Me that I Should NOT Eat Green Leafy Vegetables. What Should I Do?

Vitamin K is NECESSARY for Good Health.

Can Hepatitis, Herpes, and Other Viral Diseases be Cured?

Juicing versus Blending Fruits and Vegetables?

Is It Important to Measure Your Body pH?

Are There Any Incurable Diseases?

Are Vegetarians Deficient in Vitamins B12?

Vitamin B12 is Found in Vegetables

Are Liquid Aminos Safe to Use?

Is Colostrum Beneficial?

Food Combining

Eating Between Meals

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe to Use?

Why Organically Grown Food?

Is the Tendency to Cancer Inherited? Does Cancer Run in Families?

Do I Have to Quit Working?

Should I Join a Support Group?

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