May 15, 2002

Ray Cress, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Risley Hall, Room 219
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Loma Linda, California 92350

Re: Defamation of Lorraine Day, M.D.

Dear Dr. Cress:

How sad that you feel compelled to lie about me! I have recently received a copy of a letter written by you which condemns God's natural healing methods and defames God's reputation by questioning whether God can ACTUALLY DO what He has already promised to do, namely HEAL cancer and other serious diseases by His Natural Health Plan.

If you had some question about how I got well or whether I actually had cancer, why didn't you just pick up the phone and call me, or write to me. That's how the Bible instructs us to solve our differences, person to person. I live less than an hour's drive from you. Over the past 3 1/2 years I have been in Loma Linda nearly every week, as that's where my mother lived. It would have been easy for us to get together.

But instead, you chose to write a letter filled with defamatory and libelous statements, wild assumptions, half-truths and outright lies, in order to cast aspersions on God's ability to heal cancer and to defame my reputation, then to disseminate the letter far and wide.

Unfortunately, it takes many more pages to refute your numerous libelous assertions than it did for you to spew them out.

This letter will include documentation to refute your defamatory statements and prove that:

A) You had all the facts available to you to find the TRUTH but you CHOSE NOT to look at them, instead you chose deliberately to spread LIES.

B) You lied about my not having a biopsy diagnosis of cancer, when my CANCER DIAGNOSIS BY SURGICAL BIOPSY was made at both Loma Linda University, the very Medical Center where YOU are employed, and at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA. My biopsy report from Loma Linda University Medical Center is enclosed. Pictures of my pathology slides that were used to make the diagnosis are posted on my web site at, showing that I have these actual slides in my possession. This final Pathology Report clearly establishes that I had cancer.

C) You condemn God's Natural Health Plan, the Plan I used to get well from life-threatening cancer AND the Health Plan on which Loma Linda University was originally founded, and yet you obviously have not even investigated what it includes.

D) You assume that since I am alive and well 10 years after my cancerous tumor first appeared and 9 years after my original diagnosis of cancer (at Loma Linda University Medical Center AND Scripps Hospital) and GOT WELL by totally natural methods, WITHOUT chemotherapy, radiation or mastectomy, that I must never have had cancer in the first place, apparently because you do NOT believe that God actually MEANS WHAT HE SAYS in Deut 7:11-15: "If you follow My laws (including His health laws) My commands (His commandments) and My decrees. . . I WILL KEEP YOU FREE FROM EVERY DISEASE."

In Psalm 103:3, the Bible also says that God "forgives all our sins and HEALS ALL OUR DISEASES."

And In Ex 15:26, God says, "I am the Lord Who HEALS YOU."

Now I ask you, how does God heal? Certainly, He can, on occasion, heal through miracles, but He has given mankind a totally natural health plan, with all ten parts designed by God Himself, that He GUARANTEES 100% (Deut 7:11-15) - if we will ONLY follow it.

Noah at the time of the flood was promised by God that he would be saved, but God saved him through the plan that he gave Noah to implement. Noah had to 1) believe that God would save him, and 2) Noah had to follow God's directions explicitly, and build the boat through which God would save Noah. Noah had to ACT on his beliefs!

That's the way God works in matters of healing. In Ps l03:3 He guarantees to "heal ALL our diseases." Then in Deut 7:11-15, He tells us the Plan to follow so we can be well. Our healing is conditional on our following God's laws, commandments and decrees, including God's Natural Health Laws. When we follow those laws, then God GUARANTEES that we will be "free from EVERY disease." We, too, must ACT on our beliefs!

I have enclosed a copy of your letter with numbers to the left of nearly every line, so it will be easier to follow, as I refute your erroneous and libelous assertions, item by item.

1) You say that you are a Seventh-day Adventist, but you have "some grave misgivings" about my method of "treating" cancer, and feel "that the SDA Church should not be involved" in what I am doing.


If you truly are a Seventh-day Adventist, then you must know that my method of "treating" my cancer happens to be the EXACT "health message" upon which the Seventh-day Adventist church AND Loma Linda University were founded. The plan comes directly from the book, "Ministry of Healing, by Ellen G. White. The first 8 parts of the 10 step plan I used to get well from advanced cancer are listed on page 44 of her book. They are: "Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness (abstinence from harmful substances), rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power -- these are the true remedies." The other two steps, an attitude of gratitude and benevolence, are discussed later on in her book. All of the steps in this plan are created by God, Himself. They do NOT come from man.

I have enclosed a copy of page 44 of the book for your information.

Why, then, should the SDA Church NOT be involved in what I am doing, if indeed I am teaching the EXACT health message on which that church was founded?

2) Your words: "In listening to her, it is easy to assume that she must surely have successfully treated hundreds of cancer patients. Unfortunately, this is not the case."


This is YOUR assumption! I have NEVER said, nor have I even implied, that I have "treated" hundreds of cancer patients with this method. How devious of you to try to set a trap. You know very well, as I do, and as EVERY doctor in California knows, that it is against the law in California for any doctor to treat cancer with any method other than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. A physician can have his or her license revoked for using totally natural, non-toxic, God-designed, immune building methods to treat cancer.

What a travesty of justice! The pharmaceutical companies in collusion with the AMA have made sure that the ONLY methods available to frightened, suffering cancer patients will result in a mutilated body and torturing pain that will, in most cases, lead to a slow, agonizing death.

I do NOT "treat" patients. I share with others how I got well from life-threatening cancer, WITHOUT chemotherapy, radiation or mutilating surgery. If others choose to follow God's Natural Health Plan, that is their decision.

However, I do know of hundreds of patients who have gotten well from cancer and many other serious diseases by natural methods. And on two of my videos, there are a number of testimonials of just such people.

By the way, I noticed on your web page on the Loma Linda University web site that one of your interests is "Health Quackery" which, in essence, is the attempted destruction of ALL Natural Healing Methods and the practitioners who use them. It is well known by the medical profession that these supposed "health quackery" activities are funded by the pharmaceutical companies, who have everything to gain by 1) coercing doctors to use dangerous drugs for the treatment of every disease, including cancer and 2) depriving cancer patients of non-toxic, inexpensive, natural therapies that can reverse their disease and allow them to really get well.

James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H., in his book, Racketeering In Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives, (published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Norfolk, VA), reveals on page 39 of his book, that an organization called the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) put together a "network to include a computer hook-up between government computers used in criminal investigations and the computers used by the NCAHF in which they had inserted the names of individuals they had accused and judged guilty of health fraud, without any regard for due process."

"This group began to meet on a regular basis beginning in May, 1984. The group has also managed to obtain free rent and free labor from Loma Linda University, a Seventh-day Adventist Institution, and continues to use its facilities to assist its intelligence network to gather information and to target practitioners who are using alternative or so-called unproven methods all across the nation."

Is this pharmaceutical-backed character-assassination "hit" squad, purportedly operating rent-free out of Loma Linda University, behind the libelous letter you wrote about me?

How tragic that the ONE Medical School in all of America that was founded on the principles of God's Natural Health Plan is now the LEADER in persecuting those who follow the Plan on which that Medical School was founded!

The plan I used to get well is designed to be done at home, which is the way I did it. The plan rebuilds the immune system so the body can do what God designed it to do -- HEAL! Rebuilding the immune system does not require the participation of someone who dispenses poisonous drugs, drugs that DESTROY the immune system.

3) The treatment I used for my cancer was NOT "fruit and vegetable juices" and "coffee enemas!" as you sarcastically suggest. In fact, if you had taken the time to view my videos and see what I REALLY say, you would find that in my video "Sorting Through The Maze of Alternative Medicine what works, what doesn't and why!", I state that I do NOT endorse coffee enemas and I tell why. However, coffee enemas are at least a thousand times safer and less toxic than chemotherapy and radiation, both of which YOU and Loma Linda University endorse.

The Plan I used to get well has 10 parts. The proper diet, although absolutely critical for recovery, is only one part of the ten part plan.

4) Your quote: "Dr. Day has been unable to cite even one case of confirmed cancer that has been successfully treated by her methods."

Not ONE case? My own diagnosis of cancer, which I have thoroughly documented, is ALL that is necessary to prove that it CAN be done!

Again, I suggest you watch my videos, "Believing is Seeing" and "Drugs Never Cure Disease" for other testimonials. And beyond that, I know of many other documented cases of cancer reversal and reversal of other serious diseases by natural methods, as well.

5) Your quote: "She claims that she herself was cured of cancer without resort to the 'slash, poison and burn' methods she ridicules. But I question whether what she had was cancer."

Yes, I do ridicule the methods of "slash, poison and burn" because those methods DESTROY the ONLY system God has given each of us to get us well - our immune system! Chemotherapy and radiation both CAUSE cancer. How ridiculous and ignorant it is to "treat" cancer with methods that actually CAUSE cancer!

You "question" whether what I had was cancer.

My cancer was diagnosed BY BIOPSY at the VERY SAME Medical Center where you are employed, Loma Linda University Medical Center, as well as at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA. The pathologists at Loma Linda University Medical Center were the first to MAKE THE DIAGNOSIS OF: Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast.

All YOU had to do to discover this was to go to the Hospital Computer Data Bank where YOU WORK, and look it up! A copy of the BIOPSY REPORT signed by pathologist Dr. M.R. Akin of Loma Linda University Medical Center is enclosed for your information. This states that no clear margins were obtained, meaning that the cancer had spread into the surrounding tissue on all sides and could not be completely removed by the surgical biopsy.

Also I have copies of my original pathology slides from which my diagnosis of cancer was made by the pathologists at Loma Linda University. Pictures of those slides with my name, my case number, the location of the tumor, (anterior left chest wall) and the initials LLU (Loma Linda University) are on my web site at

The huge cancerous tumor shown on my web site recurred in exactly the same location as the original tumor!

Three years after I got well, I went back to the LLU Pathology department and requested some of my pathology slides because I was concerned that my medical records and my pathology slides might conveniently "disappear" and I would be unable to prove that I, indeed, had had cancer. I figured that someone in the future would try to discredit me. Clearly that is happening right now!

When the pathology slides initially were read and it was determined that I had cancer, Dr. Akin, the Loma Linda pathologist who made the diagnosis, called my surgeon, Dr. Tom Zirkle, who was on staff at Loma Linda University Medical Center, to tell him my diagnosis of cancer. Then Dr. Zirkle called me.

By the way, Tom Zirkle and I were classmates at La Sierra College in the mid 1950's. He is the one who performed my surgical biopsy and informed me that I had cancer. He is still there at your hospital. Why don't you ask him directly whether I had a surgical biopsy of cancer?

I was also biopsied a second time at Scripps Hospital in San Diego by Dr. Brent Eastman, a surgeon who was a resident with me at the University of California, San Francisco, and who, at the time of my biopsy, was the chief breast cancer surgeon at Scripps Hospital. This biopsy report, also on my web site, reveals the same diagnosis: Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast.

Also on my web site are the first few paragraphs of my history and physical done by Dr. Eastman stating my previous cancer diagnosis, plus his and my discussion about my refusal of ALL conventional treatment methods advocated by doctors: chemotherapy, radiation and mastectomy.

6) Your quote: "Any physician will tell you that there is one and only one sure way to diagnose cancer: perform a biopsy."

Of course that is true! My BIOPSY report from YOUR institution is enclosed. Again, ALL you had to do to find this out, was to go to your own hospital data bank!

7) Your quote: "When Dr. Day is asked whether she has biopsy evidence that she had cancer, she refuses to discuss the matter."

This is an OUTRIGHT DELIBERATE LIE! I have made 9 videos on health, many of them are available for purchase within walking distance from your office, or at your fingertips at my web site, On EVERY ONE of those 9 videos, I say that I have been biopsied. And on at least one video, maybe more, I give the name of the hospital where I was biopsied -- the institution where YOU work -- Loma Linda University Medical Center!

In addition, several years ago, at the request of the Student Association at Loma Linda University Medical Center, I spoke to the entire student body there about the reversal of my cancer by natural methods, much to the anger and consternation of the faculty (I found out later). During that talk, in front of many hundreds of students, I clearly stated that I had been biopsied at THAT institution, Loma Linda University Medical Center.

EVERY TIME I have spoken to ANY group, I have ALWAYS stated that I had a surgical biopsy of my cancer. To suggest that I "refuse to discuss the matter" is an OUTRIGHT LIE!

8) Your quote: "As one example (I have heard of others) a student I was working with several months ago was almost granted an interview with Dr. Day, but was turned down after Dr. Day was told that the focus of the interview was to be the nature of her evidence that she had, in fact, had cancer."

First of all, there are many more people who request interviews than I have time to see. There is nothing unusual about my turning down an interview. I have work to do just as you do.

But how interesting to find out that the "student" you speak of was really a "plant" from your office. This is a very underhanded way to operate, having a "student" come "under-cover" to try to get information from me surreptitiously. Remember who works covertly, behind the scenes, "in the dark!" It certainly is NOT Jesus Christ.

Why didn't you just pick up the phone and call me, or write to me and ask me if I had been biopsied? Or better yet, just look through the data base of the hospital where YOU work!

I am enclosing a copy of a fax letter I received in May, 2000 from a Tamara Goldstein, WHO IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE "STUDENT" YOU ARE REFERRING TO. She identified herself as a student at Cal-State, San Bernardino. She did NOT divulge that she was working with you at Loma Linda. You will notice that she says she will need a "note" from me "authorizing release of (my) medical records."

This person is a total stranger to me. Would YOU give a total stranger a note authorizing the release of all of YOUR medical records? Would you give ME a note authorizing release of all of YOUR medical records to me? I STRONGLY doubt it!

Tamara Goldstein has a lot of chutzpah! But it tells me that with the two of you working together, there's more to this episode than meets the eye. This is the way the pharmaceutical company-funded "hit" teams work. Is that what you are a part of?

My turning her down for the interview had NOTHING to do with the potential discussion of whether or not I had been biopsied. That was common, public knowledge to anyone who took the time to watch my videos or listen to me speak.

If Tamara Goldstein was not the person you were referring to, then who was it?

9) Your words: "She shows a photograph of a lump on her chest, and says that this was a cancerous tumor. Physicians have told me that it could just as likely be any number of other things, such as a cyst or a benign tumor."

Again, ALL you had to do to find out my diagnosis was either pick up the phone and call me OR go to the data base of the Hospital where YOU work!

I show the photograph and state that it was a cancerous tumor BECAUSE that's what it WAS! The pathologists at the Medical Center where YOU work MADE THAT DIAGNOSIS! THEY informed ME! Eight to nine months after the surgical biopsy, the cancerous tumor re-grew to a huge size in EXACTLY the same place it appeared initially.

10) Your words: "And she even admits that this lump was "debulked," i.e. removed surgically."

I realize you are not a surgeon, nor even a medical doctor, however it's important for you to get your terms correct. The term "debulking" specifically refers to PARTIAL removal of a mass, generally for palliative therapy only, such as for pain relief or to relieve or partially relieve an obstruction of a vital organ. The term "debulking" by its very definition, means that the surgery in no way can be curative, and the surgery is performed ONLY as a temporary stop-gap measure to make the patient more comfortable as he or she dies. That was what the surgeon presumed to be my fate.

11) You assert that "the diet given to Adam and Eve is helpful in preventing certain kinds of cancers. . . but there is no evidence that any diet. . . can treat cancer."

All this answer takes is a little common sense. If the diet given to Adam and Eve - a totally vegan/vegetarian diet, a diet with NO animal products - is helpful in PREVENTING cancer, then it's obvious that a diet that CONTAINS animal products WILL CONTRIBUTE to cancer.

Therefore, if one is trying to REVERSE cancer, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you MUST ELIMINATE from your diet and lifestyle all those things that CONTRIBUTE to cancer. How can a person REVERSE cancer while continuing to put into his body the very things that CAUSE cancer?

If you watch my videos you will hear me say REPEATEDLY, that diet alone is NOT ENOUGH to reverse cancer or any other serious disease. It is only ONE PART of the Ten Step Plan.

12) Your words: "I was acquainted, a few years ago, with two women who developed cancer; both tried the Lorraine Day method, one being personally coached by Dr. Day. Both died of cancer within a few weeks."

Please give me the name of the woman whom you say I "personally coached."

I DO NOT "personally coach" people. I may have answered questions in a letter as I receive a lot of mail, but that certainly does not qualify as "personal coaching."

13) Your words: "This illustrates a major problem with Dr. Day's treatment, it dissuades people from seeking treatment by methods that have been firmly established as successful."

I must ask you a very important question: First of all, EVERY doctor knows that chemotherapy and radiation cause horrible damage to a patient's immune system. In fact, they are referred to as immunosuppressive therapy - they SUPPRESS the immune system! Do you believe that God would approve of ANY treatment that destroys a human being's immune system, the ONLY system God has created in us to get us well and keep us well? Do you believe that God would approve of poisoning the wonderful body that He has created by the use of harmful drugs that actually CAUSE cancer, dreadful drugs that you have spent your entire career promoting?

It is YOU and Loma Linda University Medical Center who are guilty of dissuading people from seeking treatment methods that will allow them to TRULY GET WELL by following God's Natural Health Plan so they can rebuild their immune system. Drugs NEVER make a person well. When someone gets well, it is the IMMUNE SYSTEM God gave them that gets them well.

It is YOU and Loma Linda University Medical Center who are promoting cruel, painful, dangerous methods of cancer "treatment" with poisonous chemotherapy, disfiguring radiation and mutilating surgery, which ONLY result in an already sick person with a weakened immune system becoming sicker and weaker, and often dying a slow, horribly painful death.

YOU are advocating DRUG therapy which the Bible clearly DENOUNCES as SORCERIES AND WITCHCRAFT. This is an abomination to God! As you can see, the English word "pharmacy" comes from the Greek word "pharmakeia" which means SORCERIES AND WITCHCRAFT because the drugs COVER UP the symptoms while the disease continues to get worse. Look it up in Strong's Bible Concordance.

Incidentally, the words druggist, pharmacist or pharmacologist come from the Greek word "pharmakon," which means POISONER or SORCERER.

14) Your words: "Compared to the 100% mortality rate of Dr. Day's patients, standard medical treatments are highly successful."

Are you talking about the two (2) unnamed, hypothetical "patients" you spoke of in the paragraph above? A hypothetical SERIES of - - - 2? A true scientist would NEVER stoop to such faulty reasoning as you do in your "statistical analysis"?

15) Your words: "It troubles me when the Seventh-day Adventist Church provides a forum for the promulgation of her unfounded and dangerous ideas."

You must be aware that the ONLY medical school in the entire United States that was founded on the EXACT health principles that I used to get well from severe, life-threatening cancer is Loma Linda University Medical Center, previously known as The College of Medical Evangelists! For 30 or 40 years, the Medical Center where you work had as its MAIN treatment the VERY SAME methods that I used to get well, the methods that you now brand as "unfounded and dangerous!"

However, in the last 60 years, Loma Linda University has progressively left God, and gone the way of the world and now there is virtually no difference between the "slash, burn and poison" treatments advocated by Loma Linda and those of the other medical centers who have never heard of God! As the Israel of old, Loma Linda University wants to "be like the other nations."

16) You suggest that conference presidents and others who invite speakers to speak on health issues would be "wise" to consult with "reputable experts" such as "various faculty members at Loma Linda University."

Just who would those "reputable experts" at Loma Linda University be?

In your haste to condemn God's natural healing methods, you have been caught with your proverbial pants down because you failed to check the plain, simple, readily-accessible facts about my diagnosis before you wrote your defamatory and libelous letter, something a true scientist and "expert" who is looking for the truth, would never do. The facts were available right at your fingertips, on your own computer at the very hospital where you work. You have shown a reckless disregard for the truth!

As I stated at the beginning, the MAIN issue here is about GOD'S reputation. But in order to deny His power, you had to try to destroy my credibility by your libelous accusations. The question is: Is GOD capable of doing what He has ALREADY promised He will do - "heal ALL our diseases"? Apparently you think He is not, unless He is "helped out" by man's destructive and poisonous methods.

When Jesus was on earth, when someone came to Him asking to be healed, did He EVER say, "Go see Luke. I heal through doctors"? Of course not, Jesus did it Himself, either by His Word, or by the use of Natural Methods, including water and clay. And an ABSOLUTE requirement was that ANYONE who asked to be healed, had to BELIEVE that Jesus could DO IT!

You have rejected God's way of healing and have turned instead to the methods of Baal, treatment with DRUGS, which DESTROY the one system that God has created in us to get us well and keep us well -- the immune system.

When a person chooses a method of medical treatment he is declaring his spiritual allegiance! Whom will you serve, who will be your Master, God or man? Will you choose God's Natural Way of healing or man's way of pseudo-healing, with poisonous drugs, the methods of Baal?

Why wouldn't you be rejoicing that God is demonstrating that He IS STILL"the same, yesterday, today and forever" -- that He STILL "heals ALL our diseases"? Why are you so intent on DESTROYING God's Natural Health Plan, and all those who advocate it?

The documents I have made available clearly show that you have you have lied concerning my diagnosis of cancer and in the process have defamed God's reputation as our Physician and Healer. You have also defamed and libeled me. But more importantly you have broken God's moral law.

I am asking you to do the right thing both morally and legally, and that is, to write a letter of retraction admitting the falsity of your assertions, to be mailed to all those to whom you mailed the first error-filled letter, including, but not limited to, the Conference Presidents and the Union Conference Presidents of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, asking them to distribute your letter to all those to whom the first libelous letter was distributed. That includes handing out your retraction letter at the churches.

Stacks of your first letter, containing all of these lies, were placed on tables in churches for the widest distribution, causing almost incalculable harm to God's reputation, my reputation, and to thousands of sick people whom YOU have led away from the TRUTH of God's way of healing! They will suffer the most - - and YOU are responsible.

I have come to you in person with this letter, as the Bible directs us in Matthew 18:15-17, accompanied by Elder Wilbur Alexander of the Religion Department at Loma Linda University, asking you to do the right thing -- admit the falsity of your statements and write a letter of retraction.

Yours truly,

Lorraine Day, M.D.