May 28, 2002

Ray Cress. Ph.D.
Loma Linda University
School of Medicine
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Risley Hall, Room 219
Loma Linda, CA 92350

Re: Our meeting of May 17, 2002

Dear Dr. Cress:

This letter will confirm and re-cap our meeting of Friday afternoon, May 17, 2002, in the conference room of Risley Hall, on the campus of Loma Linda University, where you and I were present, as well as Dr. Wilbur Alexander of the Loma Linda University Department of Religion/Department of Family Medicine. I asked Dr. Alexander to act as a "witness" in Matt 18:15-17 as I made an attempt to speak with you about the defamatory and libelous letter dated May 15, 2001, that you have circulated about me.

I must admit that this meeting was one of the most bizarre meetings I have ever attended. With all due respect, your answers to my questions can only be described with one word: pathetic! They would never stand up for even a minute in a court of law.

1) When we sat down, I asked you why you wrote the letter about me. Your answer was that you don't agree with the way I believe cancer should be treated. When I asked you, "What IS the plan that I used to treat my cancer?" your answer was "I don't know, but I don't agree with it."

Naturally, I was astonished at your answer. "How can you disagree with a plan when you don't know what it is?" I asked. You just shrugged your shoulders.

You have condemned a health plan without even investigating it. Wise men throughout the centuries have known that :

Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance!

2) I asked you why you wrote in the letter that I had not had a surgical biopsy documenting that I had cancer, when actually I was biopsied right there at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Then I handed you my surgical biopsy report documenting this statement. Your response was, "I've seen that." "Why then," I asked, "did you imply that I had never been biopsied?" Your response was, "I didn't." Then I read you directly from your letter showing clearly that's exactly what you said. Again you shrugged your shoulders.

In fact, during our meeting you admitted that, indeed, I HAD been biopsied at Loma Linda University with a diagnosis of cancer, and later on you admitted that I am now cancer-free.

You seemed to have NO answer for why you wrote the opposite, libeling and defaming me.

3) You wrote in your letter that when I am approached with a question of whether or not I was biopsied, "she refuses to discuss the matter."

That, of course, is a lie. On every one of my nine health videotapes, I have stated that I was biopsied. Then I asked you if you had seen my videotapes. You answered, "Yes." In amazement, I asked, "Then why did you write that lie?"

Your answer was, "Tamara Goldstein told me that." I not only pointed out that whatever a certain "Tamara Goldstein" may have told you can only be classified as hearsay and not as fact. In addition, anything she may have told you is completely contradicted by everything that I have said on my videos as well as by Tamara Goldstein's fax letter to me, a copy of which I gave to you.

When I asked what possessed you to write such a destructive letter about me using accusations against me that are based totally on hearsay when you knew the truth to be otherwise, you had no answer.

4) When I asked you to tell me what person with cancer I supposedly "personally coached", as I don't "personally coach" anyone, your answer was: a woman with the last name Kramer, something like Marilyn Kramer. I responded that I don't know any "Marilyn Kramer", I have never even heard of "Marilyn Kramer", and I asked where you got that information.

Your response was again bewildering. You said something like this: "A woman at church has a sister-in-law who has a neighbor who said that you "personally coached" Marilyn Kramer. Again, this is complete hearsay through about three or even four people.

Yet you wrote this "over-the-back-fence" gossip and pawned it off as actual fact in your defamatory and libelous letter against me. Then those lies were spread all over the country.

5) When I asked you if you knew that Loma Linda University (formerly the College of Medical Evangelists) was founded on the EXACT health plan that I used to get well, your answer was, "No."

6) When I asked you where you obtained other pieces of what I can establish as false information that you incorporated into your letter, your response was, "Dr Jarvis told me." I pointed out that the information was totally untrue, and furthermore Dr. William Jarvis would have no way of knowing what he was talking about in relation to me or my health program.

I asked you if you are a member of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), an organization founded and presided over by Dr. Jarvis. Your answer was, "Yes."

I provide documentation on this despicable organization in my original letter to you which I gave you at our meeting on that Friday.

William Jarvis, Ph.D., a former faculty member at Loma Linda University, is notorious for his vicious attacks on practitioners of alternative medicine. Probably his most shameful attack was a few years ago when he was hosting a meeting on the Loma Linda University campus, again attacking practitioners of non-toxic, inexpensive, natural healing methods, when he became particularly vengeful against Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, an alternative physician in Texas.

In the audience was Dr. Julian Whitaker, a well-known and highly respected alternative physician. Dr. Whitaker stepped to the floor microphone, where questions were to be asked by attendees, and refuted the lies being spoken by Dr. Jarvis against Dr. Burzynski. Dr. Whitaker pointed out that he had just visited Dr. Burzynski at his Institute and had reviewed many of Dr. Burzynski's cases and knew first-hand that what Dr. Jarvis was saying was absolutely untrue.

Dr. Jarvis, immediately on being challenged with the truth, called the University police to remove Dr. Whitaker, bodily, from the meeting. After the police took Dr. Whitaker outside, they surrounded him with police dogs!

That's how Dr. Jarvis deals with those who disagree with him. He uses the crude, bully tactics of the KGB in totalitarian communist Russia!

This episode was soon followed by Dr. Jarvis' exit from the faculty of Loma Linda University, so now he can no longer legally continue to write his hateful letters about alternative practitioners on Loma Linda University stationery.

Again to re-cap, the meeting between you, me and Dr. Alexander lasted for about one hour. During that entire time I never received even ONE satisfactory answer from you.

I left you with a packet of information including 1) a copy of your defamatory and libelous letter about me, 2) my written response to the sixteen lies and half-truths it contained, 3) a copy of my surgical biopsy report from Loma Linda University Medical Center proving I had cancer, 4) a fax letter from Tamara Goldstein, and 5) a letter to you from my attorneys demanding a retraction of your libelous and defamatory letter, to be written and circulated to the specified parties within six weeks of the date of my attorney's letter.

I also gave you two books to read, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" and " Sunlight", both written by M.D.s, as well as a long list of excerpts from medical articles from peer-reviewed medical journals supporting the plan I used to get well from cancer.

The Bible is very clear that "God will not be mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."

You, personally, are already beginning to reap what you have sown. You have not only rejected the truth of God's Natural Health Plan, but you are leading others down the path of physical destruction by advocating drug treatment for disease. You, personally, are reaping in your own physical body the consequences of rejecting truth.

You implied in your defamatory letter against me, that you are a "reputable health expert" but it is obvious that you are not eating a proper diet nor are you exercising regularly, if at all, you do not spend adequate time outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight, and you are not drinking adequate water.

You are a perfect set-up for a heart attack!

You have chosen not to teach others how to be truly well, but won't you at least save yourself?

Please read the books and articles I left for you and start on God's natural health plan, the plan I used to get well from life-threatening cancer. You will be amazed at the tremendous improvement that will occur in your health, your weight, your level of fitness, your energy level, your ability to think, your ability to understand truth, and your general attitude. It will be remarkable. Start living healthfully yourself. Only then can you be classified as a "reputable health expert."

After our meeting ended and I went home, I was still perplexed at your bizarre, empty answers. How could you be so uninformed? How could you write defamatory and libelous statements in your letter when you freely admitted to me in our meeting that you knew I had cancer, and you knew I had a surgical biopsy, and that you had no authoritative basis on which to write statements to the contrary? Why did you seem to know so little about the content of a letter that you supposedly wrote and signed?

Then suddenly it dawned on me! You signed the letter, so therefore you are legally and morally responsible for its content, but I propose that the actual author of the letter was Dr. William Jarvis. Since he is no longer on the faculty of Loma Linda University, he cannot legally use the University's stationery to write his letters of character assassination against those who believe in natural methods of healing. Is it true that Dr. Jarvis wrote the letter and gave it to you for your signature?

If you refuse to write a letter of retraction, you must anticipate being asked that question as well as many others you seem uncomfortable answering, in a court of law, on the stand, under oath, under cross examination by some very skilled and eager lawyers.

Is Dr. Jarvis using you in this way? Do you willingly sign any defamatory letter he puts in front of you? Are you willing to destroy a medical colleague's reputation with hearsay, innuendo and baseless gossip? Activities of that type ultimately exact a very high price from those who participate in them.

Again, I am asking you to do the right thing, both morally and legally, which is to write a letter of retraction to be sent to all those who received the first libelous and defamatory letter. The requirements and consequences for a solution to this matter are detailed in my attorney's letter to you.

Yours truly,

Lorraine Day, M.D.