FDA Sends Warning Letter to Dr. Day

FDA Tells Dr. Day That She is NOT Allowed to
Say That Wholesome Food is Good for You. 

(This harassment has Stephen Barrett's handprints all over it.)

For more information on FDA Treachery, see the end of this article.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved hundreds, possibly thousands, of DRUGS that can KILL and MAIM a person, including horrific poisons like chemotherapy drugs, endorsing them as SAFE and EFFECTIVE, even though they have Black Box Warnings in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference – the “bible” of Drugs for Doctors).

A “Black Box Warning” attached to a drug, in addition to its numerous side effects recorded in the body of the text describing the drug, means that there is a significant possibility that the drug can KILL you suddenly, or give you cancer, or a stroke, or a fatal heart attack, or some other life-threatening disease.

Dangerous drugs are regularly being pulled from the market by the FDA because the FDA has allowed them to be introduced to the public without adequate testing.  Only after the FDA has allowed these drugs to be sold for millions of dollars of profit by the pharmaceutical companies, using the unsuspecting public as guinea pigs for “further testing” - without informed consent – does the FDA finally agree that the drug in question has terribly dangerous side effects and eventually calls for the drug to be withdrawn from the marketplace, at least temporarily.  After a period of time, often the drug seems to mysteriously re-emerge, for more handsome profits for the pharmaceutical companies.

The bottom line is that the FDA routinely approves drugs as - - SAFE and EFFECTIVE - - drugs that are terribly dangerous, and even life-threatening, for anyone who takes them. 

Yet the FDA sent me a “Warning Letter” (hand-stamped May 9, 2007) because I have said (Are you ready for this?) that Beets – a wholesome natural food – are GOOD for you, that Beets contain nutrients that can help prevent disease.

Apparently it is commendable by FDA standards to say that dangerous DRUGS are good for you – but NOT that wholesome food is good for you!

I responded on May 22, 2007, by sending the FDA evidence from at least eight of the finest expert medical sources available, documenting the claims found on my web site regarding Beets.  My Response letter to the FDA was sent “Return Receipt Requested.”  Please see the Post Office Card showing that the letter was received by the FDA on May 24, 2007.

The FDA states on their web site that they will post the Responses to the “Warning Letters”, however my Response has NEVER been posted, NOR have I ever received any acknowledgement of my Response or the information contained therein.

(Dr. Dean Edell, a radio and TV doctor, has, true to form, tried to sully my reputation by stating on his national radio show that, “Dr. Day is in trouble with the FDA.”  Of course, he fails to mention that I am “in trouble” because I have had the audacity to say that, “Beets are GOOD for you.”)

In August, 2007, four months after the FDA letter and my appropriate Response letter filled with medical literature documentation, my webmaster received a vague “Warning E-mail” from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) addressed to me, asking that it be forwarded to me (although my e-mail address is on my website).  The e-mail is an unsigned general form letter stating that something on my web site is fraudulent but they’re not going to tell me what it is.  Instead, I’m supposed to figure out what they are objecting to by reading a number of laws on a couple of links they included in the e-mail, links that are about 80 characters long.

There was some cursory mention of the FDA in the letter from the FTC, so maybe this is again about the (now infamous) Beets

The letter from the FDA and my Response is below.

Scanned FDA letter:

Scanned return receipt:

Scanned Dr. Day's response:

BetaBeet information with supporting links.


BetaBeet™ is a soluble powder made from the juice of organically-grown beets and contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients including folic acid, iron, calcium and betaine. These facts have been established the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and  the University of Maryland Medical Center, respectively.

Like BarleyGreen, BetaBeet™ is produced from seed to finished product using organic cultivation, gentle juicing, and award-winning, low-temperature spray-drying process. Their special processing stabilizes the nutrients in the beet juice, providing you with live enzymes and whole food nutrition which is certified organic. The result is a delicious and nutrient-dense beet juice powder that provides you with the nutrients and detoxification power of fresh beets.


Beets help to detoxify the liver and blood while providing important support nutrients to the body. In addition, beets may protect the cardiovascular system, enhance fat metabolism and increase muscle mass.

Detoxification: The liver performs many functions including the use, storage, and deactivation of dietary-derived substances. BetaBeet provides nutrients critical to liver function and aids in the breakdown of toxins before they accumulate, thereby, helping to protect the liver. The vitamins and other nutrients contained in beets are intimately involved with proper fat absorption, transportation, and metabolism.

Cardiovascular Support: Betaine also plays an important role in the health of the cardiovascular system.  Like vitamin B6 and folic acid, betaine helps reduce high blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which can be a risk factor for arteriosclerosis.
These facts have been established by the American Heart Association, the Annals of Internal Medicine, the European Heart Journal, The Journal of Nutrition, Emory University HealthCare, and the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference).

Fat Metabolism and Protein Deposition: Another important benefit from consuming beets is it’s potential for promoting fat metabolism and protein deposition leading to a leaner, healthier body. It is a cost-effective way of getting valuable nutrition. BetaBeet is suitable for both adults and children and the taste and color will appeal to everyone. BetaBeet’s nutrients are quickly absorbed by your body. It tastes great by itself or mixed with BarleyGreen and BetaCarrot.

Ingredients: Juice from organic beets and organic maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate).

FDA Treachery

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