Doesn't EVERYBODY Die from Disease -
of Some Kind?

Lorraine Day, M.D.

This world is run by laws – laws of chemistry, laws of physics, laws of astronomy, etc.  These laws have an impact on us whether we know about them or not.  If we are ignorant of these laws, or if we know about them but attempt to defy them, they are still controlling us whether we like it or not.

Take, for example, the Law of Gravity.  The law of gravity works on everyone on earth.  A baby, when he first gets up to walk, learns about the law of gravity because when he falls, he falls DOWN and not UP!  And he may even hurt himself when he falls. 

The baby may not know the name of the law of gravity, but he understands the law of gravity nonetheless, at least in its most primitive form.

If an adult chooses to defy the law of gravity by jumping from a high building, he still is going down, and he may seriously injure, or even kill, himself.  It is clear that the law of gravity is working on everyone whether we like it or not.

One must learn to live within this law – and the other natural, scientific laws that govern our world - or we may reap serious consequences, even death, as a result of our disobedience to these natural laws.

Ten Natural Health Laws

It is the SAME with our health.  Our health is governed by Ten Natural Health Laws whether we know about them or not, or whether we like them or not.  These laws are immutable.  No one is exempt from them.  If we are ignorant of these Health laws, or if we deliberately defy these health laws, we have an overwhelming likelihood of developing a serious, life-threatening disease and dying a long, slow, extremely painful death.

However, if we understand these Ten Natural Health Laws and learn to live within them, the chances are great that we will live a long, healthy, pain-free, enjoyable, full, active life – without disease.  And when we are very old, we will just wear out, and die by going to sleep – without disease and without pain.

These Ten Natural Health Laws are given on all of my DVDs/videos, but are explained in detail on my DVD/video entitled “You Can't Improve Upon God.

The ONLY way to become healthy and to remain healthy is to follow these Ten Natural Laws of Health.  Any other way to attempt to regain - or retain - one’s health is nothing but a transient “Quick Fix” – a treatment of symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of the problem.  This may make you feel better temporarily but the disease will continue to get worse while you are deluding yourself.

In order to be REALLY WELL, one must address the root cause of the problem.  And that is ONLY done by following the Ten Natural Laws of Health.

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