There is ONLY ONE Way to Cure Cancer!

A personal message from someone who’s “been there.”

Lorraine Day, M.D.

Every doctor is taught that the only way to treat cancer is to KILL the cancer cells: by poisonous chemotherapy, by burning radiation, or by mutilating surgery.

But the poisonous chemotherapy and the burning radiation both cause cancer! So why would any doctor prescribe a “treatment” that causes the disease the patient already has? Because those are the only methods we doctors are taught in our training. Unfortunately, the poisonous chemotherapy and the burning radiation cause immense damage to the patient’s immune system, the one system the patient needs to get well. And the “treatment” itself can cause Death!

Chemotherapy poisons the whole body, and radiation does serious damage to the surrounding organs. For instance, when a woman has radiation for breast cancer, the radiation also damages her heart, increasing greatly her risk of dying from a heart attack. And chemotherapy, given for cancer anywhere in the body, causes lasting damage to all other organs, including the brain. Deficits in memory and the ability to think clearly (cognitive deficits) can be detected as long as Ten Years later! And NO case of cancer has ever been caused by having “too many” organs or “too many” body parts. So cutting them out – or off – will NOT cure you! You will just develop cancer somewhere else, or you will develop a different life-threatening disease.

The problem is that doctors and medical researchers don’t know what causes cancer. They keep thinking it’s in the genes; that your family passed it down to you. Or it’s just caused by “Bad Luck”! But neither of those “causes” is correct. The incidence of cancer in America in the year 1900 was only 3% of the population. Now, it’s over 50%! If cancer were passed down in our genes from our ancestors, they would have had to have as much cancer as we do now. But they didn’t. Cancer can be passed down in families alright – but NOT in the genes. If people live, think, act, eat, and handle stress as their parents or grandparents did, then they will likely develop the same diseases.

Cancers – ALL types of cancers, and all other diseases – do NOT “fall from the sky” nor do they “just happen” nor are they genetic. We give them to ourselves slowly, one day at a time, usually over a long period of time, by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress. Obviously, no one does it on purpose. We do it ignorantly, but we do it just the same, because we don’t understand that our present lifestyle involves so many bad habits that are harmful to our body.

In order to reverse cancer, we must STOP doing the things that have caused our cancer, and START doing the things that will rebuild our immune system, so our immune system can get us well and keep us well as God designed it to do.

Rather than trying to KILL the cancer cells by poisoning, burning or mutilating the patient, the way to reverse cancer is to DEPRIVE the cancer cells of the factors that caused the cancer to develop in the first place. And those are ALL Lifestyle factors: the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress.

What are some of the lifestyle factors that promote the development – and the continued growth – of cancer? Answer: Everything that harms the immune system; the cells of which work tirelessly to try to keep us healthy. Within the immune system God has given us a DNA repair mechanism that can repair thousands of “damages” to our DNA every day, including many that occur just from the processes of daily living. But when we abuse our body daily by the way we live, think, act, eat, and handle stress, the DNA repair mechanism is overwhelmed and the enormous damage we do to our OWN genes can lead to Cancer, or other types of disease, as well.

When we change to a vegan diet, we not only deprive the cancer of the stimulating hormones from the dead animals we have been eating, we begin to stop some of the dehydration and lack of fiber that also encourage the growth of cancer. (Meat, poultry and fish contain no water and no fiber.)

When we learn how to handle stress properly, we deprive the cancer cells of the hormones produced in our own body that 1) suppress our immune system (cortisone) and 2) increase our anxiety (adrenalin) that leaches from us the energy we need to heal our disease. These hormones are triggered by our Fight or Flight reaction in response to every kind of stress: job stress, financial stress, domestic stress, lack of forgiveness, anger, grudge-holding, guilt, resentment, worry, fear. But it takes a whole lot MORE to reverse a life-threatening disease than just a change in diet and learning to handle one’s stress, ALL the other Ten Steps of the Health Plan are required, as well.

All cancers – and all other diseases – begin in the “heart.” They are “spiritual problems long before any physical symptoms appear in the body. They are “spiritual” problems because we want to live, think, act, eat, and handle stress OUR way rather than the way that is best for our body – God’s Way. We must learn to trust God rather than “man” (doctors, pastors, family and friends). Your doctor has never created even ONE human being! There is only one Physician in the world who gives us a 100% GUARANTEE that if we follow His Health Plan, we WILL be completely Well. And that is God, who promises:

“If you follow My laws (including God’s Ten Health Laws), My commandments and My decrees, I WILL keep you FREE from EVERY disease.” Deuteronomy 7:11-15

The only one who can cure your cancer is You, because You are the only one who can change your habits - - - and Get Well!

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