Amazing NEW Book by Dr. Lorraine Day
That Contains CRITICAL Information
on How She Got Well

Who Rewrote the Bible?



900 Power-Packed Pages

How and Why The Translators Have Deceived the Whole World by Deliberately Changing the Truth of the Bible

Find the answers to the questions that every Christian should be asking!

Has the Bible been changed?   Who tempted Satan to sin?
Are there times when it’s wrong to pray?   What happens when we die?
Does God get angry? What is God’s wrath?   Do we really have Freewill?
Is the God of the Old Testament a “Killer”?   Who created Evil?
Does God punish us for being sinners?   Is Speaking in Tongues of God?
What happens at the Judgment?   Is the Trinity doctrine true?
Don’t confuse “Eternal Life” with Immortality   Why did God create women?
Who wrote the name “Lucifer” into the Bible?   Are Doctors a gift from God?
Why doesn’t God heal anybody anymore?   Will there be a Secret Rapture?
The Good News about Armageddon   Who is the Beast Power?
Did God ever want an Organized Church?   What is the Mark of the Beast?
The Government owns and runs your church   Why did God create humanity?

This book contains the biblical information Dr. Day learned in her “journey”
to Knowing God and Getting Well from her severe, advanced cancer

A Book So Fascinating you will not be able to put it down!

The definition of the word Gospel is Good News! If the Gospel is, indeed, Good News, then it should easily be identifiable as such by both Christians and non-Christians. Unfortunately, the message of the churches – that some will be saved but most will be tortured in hellfire forever or at least for some period of time – is definitely not Good News. Therefore, a re-examination of what the Bible really teaches about the salvation of humanity is long overdue.

Obviously there has been some mistake somewhere, and it turns out that the translators are responsible, and pastors and Bible scholars are complicit in this travesty - partners in crime, if you will - by blindly embracing the erroneous translations.

If God tells us to LOVE our enemies, why is He going to DESTROY His enemies in hellfire?
Can Satan do anything if God does not allow it? If God allows it, is it God’s will?
Who is responsible for sin existing in this world? If the answer is Satan, then why didn’t God prevent it? Or is Satan equal with God?
If Jesus was resurrected on Sunday, why aren’t the words “Sunday” or “first day of the week” found anywhere in any of the original manuscripts of the Bible?
How is God going to “wipe away all your tears” if your loved ones are burning in hellfire?
Why have the words “Jew” and “Gentile” been written into the Bible erroneously. (They aren’t found in the original Bible manuscripts.)


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